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Not too long ago, self-publishing was looked down upon as the place only of people whose work was truly awful. 

Now, however, self-publishing is not only respectable but publishers are concentrating their efforts on mega-blockbusters. 

And there’s definitely a market out there for well-written books.

Business Overview

As a self-publisher you’ll not only write your book, but also see it through all the details the publishing house attends to-editing, choosing cover art, working with the graphic artist, getting it printed and, perhaps most import, getting it marketed so that it finds a readership .

The Self Employed Business  Owner Manual is an essential starting point for property rights and safeguard for your business.

Filing for a trademark or service mark protection for your business name, symbols, logos, workbooks, movies, digital works, and musical recordings are all examples of copyrighted works.

For more information on how to protect your copyrights and the process of copyrighting your work uspto.gov



Step 1: Proofread Don't forget to proofread your manuscript before you send it for Conversion Publication! Try to give trouble-free files from the beginning. We recommend reading and re-reading your manuscript and then reading it some more.

Find family members or friends who are willing to look through your book for errors. You can even hire someone to do the proofreading and editing for you if you'd like.

Proofreading your book is perhaps the most tedious part of the self-publishing process, but trust you'll be glad you did it! There's nothing worse than holding your finished book in your hands and realizing there's a misspelling of words on a page.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Files Are Print-ready! (Proofread AGAIN)

Step 3: Marketing and Distribution We do know this is one of the most important steps in self-publishing. How you market yourself and your book will determine how well your book will sell.

Make use of social media Promotion such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will be your most inexpensive and possibly the most effective method of getting the word out about your book. Be sure to share the information with friends, family members, and other connections. You may know someone who knows someone who will want to help sell your book!

Get started today!.

Guiding Teen Publishing To Success

Teen Book Publishing. Become a teen published author. You keep control of your rights, E-Book Marketing, Promotion Assistance Services. 

Helping young students become today’s published authors

Marketing and Promotions. 

Supporting literacy-Student Self-esteem


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Once you have purchased your ISBN number, you are no longer a self-publisher… you are now a Publisher. Now you are ready to publicize your book to the world. In order to buy your book, people will have to hear about it first.

Marketing and Promotions

Become a Teen Published Author.

You keep control of your rights, E-book Marketing, Promotion Assistance Services.

Teen Book Publishing information can help you  promote your book to more than 87% of the world making your title available to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries.

Make your book accessible to E-book retailers, Schools, Universities, Libraries and just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells a book in any format. Get started today!

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