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New Jersey CJC Associates LLC. Copyright Services was founded in 2005.

CJC Publishing.US, Teen Book Publishing.com,  Entrepreneurships. We are committed to strengthening the business models and plans of small businesses in a variety of industries. We consider this to be an extension of our office where you can find out more about us and the services we provide.

Please take a few minutes to review the helpful resources that we have made available specifically for you. Teen Book Publishing Information, marketing and promotion Information. We hope you find our site extremely useful and informative.   

Our objectives are to develop a beneficial long-term relationship with individuals and businesses? The consultants at CJC Publishing.US, Teen Book Publishing.Com strive to learn the needs of clients in order to identify and implement strategies that will help the client meet and surpass important goals.

We hope you find our site extremely useful and informative. And please don't forget, our staff is here to serve you with the highest quality guidance available. Contact us by phone or e-mail with questions.

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